Post # 1. The Welcome Post

Post # 1. The Welcome Post

We, the Stalker Middleware development team, have finally decided to launch and regularly update our very own blog. Drum roll please!

In the 7 years of the product’s existence (yep, we launched back in 2010!) we have gained a lot of experience, and are happy to share case studies and other useful information with you.

The blog will bring luck to anyone who wants to:
— learn to work with the Stalker Middleware platform
— stay up to date with the telecommunications market
— get inspired

Please leave comments to let us know what you think, take part in polls or suggest improvements. We want to get to know you, our users, people who care about our product, and of course, our haters.

Developing any product is a process of communication and problem solving. It will take time to create a knowledge base full of useful information for daily work. We truly believe that the Stalker Middleware blog will bring us a step closer to this goal.

Stay tuned: things will get interesting!