Post # 2. On Screen Domination Plans

Post #2. On Screen Domination Plans

We take product planning very seriously, trying to take all feedback into account, improving functionality to create the best possible user experience. And of course, we want you to grow your income, our dear Telecommunications provider.

Here’s how we are planning to develop Stalker Middleware this year:
1. Overcome procrastination, holidays and vacations to issue 5 product releases in 2017.
2. Attend key industry events: CSTB, CABSAT, TVConnect, ANGACom, IBC, UKOS, NABShow NY.
3. Bestow upon administrators a notifications module, a new statistics module and a dashboard.
4. Delight users with a personal dashboard.
5. Publish the StalkerTV Android app with Video Club support
6. Add Radio and Audio club to the StalkerTV iOS
7. Launch EPG search and search across all applications
8. Launch a Kids-TV app
9. Find and destroy any bugs
10. Offer more monetization options: Pay-per-view, buying or renting channels, etc.
11. Launch seamless screen switching
12. Bring new partners into the project
13. Send the Stalker project manager off on vacation and not bug him with any questions during that time
14. Not shave until next release (this is the goal of our QA guy)
15. Stop worrying about small things and start appreciating every moment

Email us at with your suggestions and comments.

We are sure you’ve got things to share with us. Cheers!)