Post # 4. About pictures in pictures

Throwback time! 40 years ago TV sets did not have interactive functionality. Then US broadcasters made a breakthrough: they split the screen into two independent sections. This way they could show what was going on at opposite ends of the arena simultaneously during sports broadcasts. The «Picture-in-picture» (or PiP) functionality was born.

What is «Picture-in-Picture» (PiP)?
It is a TV setting for showing two videos simultaneously. The main video plays full-screen while the secondary video is shown in a small window, usually about 1/8 of the screen. Sometimes the split is different, up to 50/50.

How can you use PiP functionality in Stalker Middleware?
You can start PiP while watching any content (a TV channel or a film) in the player. There are two ways to do it.
First, you can use the control panel of the player. Just start watching, then press the PiP button.
Second, you can press the del button on the remote control (bottom right).
When you start PiP, the player becomes smaller and moves to the bottom right of the screen. You can keep working with the set-top box without minimizing the player. If you start a new player in this or another application, you can watch two videos simultaneously.

When PiP is active, you can press the del button on the remote control once more to open the PiP control panel. There you can maximize the PiP player to full-screen size, switch places between the PiP player and the regular player, move the PiP player on the screen or close it.

Here is a tip from Stalker Middleware. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to learn about our «Picture-in-picture» functionality than by watching a short video?  Enjoy our beautiful video presentation here:

Is PiP supported in the multiscreen StalkerTV app?
Yes! The PiP functionality in our StalkerTV multiscreen app for iOS merits a separate mention.

It is simple. Open the app, start the player. You will see the PiP icon at the bottom — just press it, and you are done. You can move the second screen around by zooming.
The PiP functionality is only available in the system player so far. You can switch to it in the app settings. Unfortunately, the system player does not support some video formats, so if you see that some TV channels or films do not work, switch the player back.

And that is it for today.
May PiP be with you!