Post # 5. About apps for watching TV

On 29 June 2007 something momentous happened, and it turned the world of digital content upside down. You guessed it: the first iPhone was launched. It quickly captured a significant share of the smartphone market in the USA and then worldwide.
This was the start of the smartphone era.

Today, only ten years on, it is common knowledge that most digital content is consumed on small smartphone and tablet screens.
New applications and services pop up daily, and many even forego the traditional website altogether.

So it is time to talk about applications for TV services.

What is Multiscreen and what is it for?
Multiscreen is a technology that can display content on several user devices.
It has two modes: the Mirror mode, where the same content is displayed on several devices, and Independent mode, where different content is displayed on different devices.

How can operators benefit from offering Multiscreen?
In a highly competitive market, the Multiscreen option can be the deciding factor for a customer to choose your company.

Besides, the service can be monetized. For example, you can offer content viewing on up to two screens for free, and charge users who want to view it on more screens.

Often operators go one step further, launching their TV service on the OTT market.
And for today’s OTT providers, multiscreen functionality is simply a must have.

How does Stalker Middleware support the Multiscreen functionality?
The team at Infomir has developed applications for TV and video viewing on most of today’s relevant platforms.

Of course, this includes Android and iOS, to cover smartphones and tablets.
We also thought about Android TV and Apple TV media players, which are among the market leaders.

Their fast and convenient interfaces have won them legions of fans worldwide.

In the coming months the Stalker Middleware project will win the hearts of fans of other devices:
— Smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Tizen TV and LG WebOS
— Roku and Amazon Fire TV media players

And then there is a very special treat coming up — Stalker Middleware will be fully compatible with HTML5 web browsers.

What do you think about Multiscreen functionality?
Any experiences to share?
We would love to hear your comments!