Post # 9. Ministra TV platform makes having your own VoD service a reality

Ministra TV platform — create iptv service.
In 2021, the volume of Video on Demand (VoD) traffic will equal 7 billion DVDs per month, according to experts at Cisco.
VoD is increasingly popular among modern viewers who find it difficult to adjust to scheduled TV programming. You no longer need to rush to watch your favorite show when it airs at 9 pm. Content is always available.
The Ministra TV platform has all the tools you need to manage a VoD service.

We’ve paid special attention to making the viewer’s experience as seamless as possible: Video club greets them with a pleasant interface and a well-designed system of categories, genres, search options, ratings, and sorting filters.
With each update, managing your VoD service with Ministra TV platform becomes even easier — working with Video club content is simple, and you can count on it staying that way.

Where to start?

You can make it even easier for viewers to choose what they’d like to watch if you describe your content in detail. You should add the title, a cover image, and a description of the content. You can create an even richer experience for your viewers if you also include the cast, country, year of release, and a few screenshots. Fortunately, Ministra TV platform’s Administrative panel was designed to streamline this process.

Product cards. To quickly enter movie/TV show data, enter the original name or ID in TMDB or Kinopoisk, then click the Autocomplete button. The system will fill in the following information automatically:

  • title of the work
  • cover
  • rating
  • release year
  • duration
  • country
  • description
  • cast
  • director’s name
  • age restrictions

Categories and genres. Give the movie or TV show one of the headings we’ve provided or create your own. This will make it easier for users to navigate in Video club.

Quality. Your viewers have lots of devices with different internet connection speeds — this option gives them the opportunity to choose the most suitable quality for watching your content.

Audio tracks. The Ministra TV platform supports video with multiple audio tracks. Videos with different audio tracks can also be added as separate video files. For instance, if you have a title that’s been dubbed in several different languages, you can add each version as a separate video file.

Subtitles. Downloading subtitles is as easy as adding videos. You just attach a subtitle file with an .srt extension to the product card. It’s important that the file names of the videos and the subtitles match.

Parent control. The recommended viewing age and the MPAA rating are displayed on the film’s card and are available for informational purposes. If you are including movies or TV shows for adults in Video club, put a check in front of the Parent control field. Once you’ve done this, only the name of the work will appear in the general list. The cover, description, and other data will be hidden until the user enters a password.

Tasks. For any movie or TV show, you can attach a task that only selected administrators will see. For example, you can leave instructions such as “Add Screenshots,” “Show Actors,” or “Upload 4K Video.” Administrators won’t be distracted by third-party task planners.

Scheduling. A good VoD service regularly offers new content. However, we understand that adding movies and TV shows on a daily basis can be a pain. That’s precisely why the Ministra TV platform provides deferred release functionality. You can upload video content well in advance and schedule it to be released weeks or even months later. With the deferred release feature, you only have to make the effort once to keep your audience interested for a long time.
Take advantage of the tips in this article and you can be sure: managing your own video service really is easy.

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