Post # 7. Pay TV: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Television has been an everyday experience for generations of viewers. As new technologies appear and audience habits change, it has evolved with the times. Today, young companies are setting the trends while more established ones try to keep pace with them. Ministra TV platform team has prepared this article to give you some insights into  the development of pay TV. We’ll tell you what pay TV looked like when it first came on the scene, how it is evolving, what role the industry giants play, and what small operators should do.

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Post # 5. About apps for watching TV

On 29 June 2007 something momentous happened, and it turned the world of digital content upside down. You guessed it: the first iPhone was launched. It quickly captured a significant share of the smartphone market in the USA and then worldwide.
This was the start of the smartphone era.

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Post # 4. About pictures in pictures

Throwback time! 40 years ago TV sets did not have interactive functionality. Then US broadcasters made a breakthrough: they split the screen into two independent sections. This way they could show what was going on at opposite ends of the arena simultaneously during sports broadcasts. The «Picture-in-picture» (or PiP) functionality was born.
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